Beverly Hills Engagement Shoot

I met Cheyenne at a retreat and couldn’t help but adore her, so I was ecstatic out of my mind when just a couple months later, she asked me to take her engagement photos! Chris and Cheyenne are the cutest couple and after we got Chris some coffee, we had the most beautiful sunrise shoot! Congrats to these newlyweds!


Point Dume Shoot

Elizabeth Chau is one of those people who can be friends with anybody. She’s uber talented and uber faithful and always down for adventuring. In fact, in a couple of months she’s up and moving to La Paz, Bolivia to work with an organization called Hope Worldwide. She’ll be volunteering at the clinic there in La Paz and working part-time for a computer science company based in L.A.–basically, she’s super woman with the most beautiful heart for God.

I love shooting with Elizabeth because she’s always down to go anywhere and do anything, and her natural beauty makes all of her photographs glow. I’ll miss taking pictures of her while she’s away, but I’m sure she’ll have some awesome pics of her own to share all the way from South America!

Mother’s Day Fun!

I love working with kids! They’re so fun and unpredictable and they make for the best candid photos. On Mother’s Day I had the opportunity to shoot with Tish and her kids (who happen to be my siblings ;)) and I got some photos that capture our family dynamic really well.

It’s always a struggle to get everyone smiling and looking at me at the same time, but when it happens, mom’s ecstatic and I have fun going through the goofy ones with the kids 🙂

Malibu Beach Shoot

Julia just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has already begun to bring goodness into the world through social change. Her heart for people has always astounded me, and that means a lot considering that I’ve known her for 15 years.

Whenever she’s in town, we always love to hit the beach if we can–this time around I had the opportunity to bring my camera with me. Looking for rocks, playing with dogs, and getting very soaked all ensued and this beautiful shoot is just a hint of what it’s like to be Julia’s friend.