Beverly Hills Engagement Shoot

I met Cheyenne at a retreat and couldn’t help but adore her, so I was ecstatic out of my mind when just a couple months later, she asked me to take her engagement photos! Chris and Cheyenne are the cutest couple and after we got Chris some coffee, we had the most beautiful sunrise shoot! Congrats to these newlyweds!


Andrea Elizabeth Photography

Have you ever met someone in the most random way and ended up connecting with them much more deeply than you ever would have guessed? I’m not talking romance here (although I could have sworn I was gonna marry that one British guy I met and ate lunch with at the airport last year), I’m talking friendship.

Photo of Andrea by Bethanne Arthur Photography

About two years ago I met Andrea. Andrea was dating one of my residents, Matt, and she would come for visits to Malibu every so often from Missouri. She was sweet just like Matt, and I really admired her for deciding not to go to college in order to start her own photography business–but our friendship never really went deeper than that.

Until today.

Today, Andrea was gracious enough to talk on the phone with me for over an hour to answer all of my photography questions. What I learned from her was invaluable and is definitely going to help me be a MUCH better photographer–for which I’m very grateful, but I’m also just excited to beĀ her friend. Andrea is so fun and easy to talk to and has such a genuine and loving spirit!

I look forward to meeting up with her when she visits Matt in L.A. in a couple weeks and am excited to see what God has in store for her amazing future as a wedding photographer in the St. Louis area! If you’re getting married anytime soon I can promise you that Andrea is a joy to work with andĀ that her beautiful heart has talent to match.

The lovely bride featured above was photographed by Andrea, and if you’d like to see more of Andrea’s incredible work, you can find it atĀ

You can also follow her on Instagram: @andreaelizabethphotography