Left Behind

You know when people become this HUGE part of your life and you start to forget what life is like without them? Like you can’t even really imagine it.

And then they leave all of a sudden and you just don’t understand–like how can a part of you just not be a part of you anymore? Your hands can’t just up and walk away. Your heart can’t just decide to leave the rest of you and head to Brazil. So how is it that people can do that?

IMG_0840So yeah, my best friend, Raven, is leaving for Brazil tomorrow. And it’s only just hitting me that I won’t see her for two whole months. (I know I’m being a whiny cry baby–just leave me alone okay?! I’M FRAGILE!) My right hand woMAN is leaving to another continent and all I have of her is these grad photos I took a few weeks ago.

Never, in my life, have photographs felt so insignificantly two-dimensional.

All I’m here to say is that sometimes photos just aren’t enough and words also fall flat–the only thing of real substance we get to keep when our best friends leave for a time is the relationship itself.

So today I’ve decided to write just a short, celebratory post about my best friend, because I’d rather spend my time with her, making memories and hearing her laugh, than writing about her incredibly beautiful, loving, and generous self by myself at a coffeeshop.

And if you were wondering–yes, boys, she’s single.* 😉


*Applicants must be spiritual, Jesus-loving men of God who also love to dance.

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