Dreaming of a White Christmas

Five things I learned about snow this winter in Vancouver:

  1. It’s like any other kind of precipitation—it gets in your eyes and your mouth and as an added bonus, it even gets in your nose.
  2. It’s water at heart, not marshmallow fluff. Why is this significant, you ask? If marshmallow fluff landed on your head and you left it there for a while, when you got home it would still be marshmallow fluff—it wouldn’t somehow magically turn into water and make you feel like winter wonderland had turned into a leak in the roof and start dripping all over you.hopie-hot-chocolate
  3. It makes this crunchy noise as you’re walking and it’s not the most pleasant experience. Again, not marshmallow fluff—it’s ice and ice is hard. Snow is hard. Hard chunks of ice plus shoes equals weird crunch.
  4. It disappears just as quickly as it begins—there’s something permanent feeling about a world covered in a white blanket of snow, but snow is not a blanket no matter how many authors make you think otherwise. Snow is water in little individual chunks(“flakes”)—there’s no glue holding it together—it’s just really REALLY cold water.
  5. It really is magical. And cold. It’s really cold.


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